Receive a Certificate of Interior Design

Whether you simply want to learn the secrets of design that transform your home into a showplace, or to take your talent to the top and turn your dream into reality – IDI is for you.

The Certificate Course may be taken for personal enrichment or to learn to design one’s own home. The Certificate Course explores residential design and home staging and is avocational. Students learn the most current design and techniques from a faculty of successful working professionals. Small class size and personal attention are offered in an industry current facility.

12-Week Certificate Course


  • Beautiful Kitchens

    Instruction in the steps to remodeling a kitchen or the designing of a kitchen in a new home. Materials used in kitchen design from wallcoverings to laminates are reviewed. Included in the discussion are how to work with a kitchen design consultant and the costs involved.

  • Magic of Color

    Study various color schemes and color psychology used in designing a home. Color trends in the market and materials used are discussed.

  • Design Resources

    Students learn wholesale sources and pricing for all types of residential products from wholesale floorcoverings and lighting to accessories and furniture.

  • Floors That Rock

    Study the various types of floorcoverings available and the costs involved. Calculation of floorcovering estimates is also taught.

  • Great Windows and Walls

    Study both modern and traditional window treatments, including architectural and fabric window treatments. Explore the vast variety of wall coverings available on the market. Papers, upholstered walls, reflective surfaces and other wall surfaces are discussed.

  • Home Staging

    Students learn how to stage a home so that it appeals to prospective buyers. Techniques are taught to highlight the strengths of the home while downplaying its weaknesses. Colors, room arrangements, accessorizing and appropriateness of style are studied with budgetary confinements in mind.

  • Indoor Plantscaping

    Plants are an integral part of the home. Selection of plant types, containers and plant size are all part of this class. Use of healthy indoor plants to create an allergy free and greener interior environment are discussed.

  • Planning The Space

    Students learn the fundamentals of judging a space through the use of the principles and elements of design.

  • Outdoor Spaces

    Designing the new outdoor room and how to bring the indoors out. Emphasis is on creating a warm ambience by selecting the right furniture, accessories, lighting and materials. Use of fireplaces, fire pits and cooking centers are included.

  • Principles & Elements of Design

    Study the basic principles used in design. A lecture class utilizing photographs so students may visualize practical applications of design elements.

  • The High-Tech Home

    A family’s lifestyle at home is enhanced by the benefits of technology. Students will learn how to weave the latest technology into the home for entertainment, lighting, automated window coverings and communication. Whether for a home theater, family room, home office, kitchen or patio, students will learn how to personalize these spaces with innovative and unique automated systems.

  • The History of the Chair

    Slide presentation and discussion of historical and contemporary styles of chairs from the 1900’s to current. Emphasis is placed on the primary furniture styles used in today’s interior design.

  • The Luxury Bathroom

    Remodeling and designing of both new and old bathrooms are reviewed. Materials, costs, estimates and spaceplanning are also discussed. A discussion of the pros and cons of using a bathroom design consultant is included.

  • The Natural and Healthy Home

    Designing sustainable and healthy interiors that are good for our environment and allergy and toxin free. Students will learn what makes a healthy and natural home, as well as materials and design resources used in the process.

Studio Workshops

  • Color & Styles

    Study the psychological and emotional impact of color, as well as future color trends and the use of color in an interior. Selections of fabrics and materials are used to demonstrate color theory and application. The main goal is to teach the student all possible color schemes and systems used in interior design.

  • Furniture Selections

    Students will commence specifying furniture for the spaceplan they have completed in “Drafting and Spaceplanning”. Furniture selection, and furniture sources are key topics to be covered.

  • Developing the Design Concept and Solution

    Students share their design solutions using their material boards. The instructor and students collaborate on the design solutions and celebrate the culmination of their design experience. Students are taught many different design styles and required to focus on one for their project. A design profile is completed by each student.

  • Drafting & Spaceplanning

    A residential floor plan is assigned and the student is given a set of requirements and taught the procedures for meeting them. Architectural symbols and blueprint reading are reviewed. Students are taught manual drafting, spaceplanning and traffic patterns and will have their spaceplans printed as part of their final concept.

  • Textile Specifications

    Emphasis of this class is on textile selection based on appropriate fiber content and cost and the many types of textiles on the market today. The student will begin to specify materials for furniture pieces and windows in the spaceplan previously drafted and designed. These textiles will then be prepared and mounted on final presentation boards.

Field Trips - Optional

Field Trips to the Stonemill Design Center and Laguna Design Center

Tour the Stonemill Design Center to study sources of purchase. Students will tour sources for furniture, floorcoverings, wallcoverings, etc. Tour will be outside regular class time with date to be announced.

Tour the design center in Laguna Niguel to study sources of purchase. Students will tour sources for furniture, floorcoverings, wall-coverings, etc. Also, time is allocated for students to visit showrooms of their choice. Tour will be outside regular class time with date to be announced.

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